Elim Tineret Log


- Bible-AI is now available in romanian and german (beta)


- Introducing Bible-AI Pro Verse for topic Generator
	- Use the tag "/pro" at the beginning of the input to generate 10 results instead of 3. Loading time increases accordingly. 
- UX Improvements for Bible-AI


- Included single view for Songs
- Bible Verse Generator is now Bible AI 
	- New: Get a list of bible verses related to a given topic
	- Improved: Get more accurate bible verses for the emotions given. Plus an explanation for why that verse was suggested
- Version Log
	- Version log implemented at home page (this page)
- Minor UX imporvements


Initial Release
- Bible Verse Generator provides a bible verse for a given emotion
- songs
	- Add songs to the database 
	- View a list of all songs we have including their data such as key, tempo and YouTube Link
- User LogIn/SignUp Skeleton 
	- Users can create accounts

This is an alpha version of the site. It is by no means ready for production.